International Beny Moré Festival

Benny Moré International Music Festival - mid-September (every other year), the Festival Internacional de Música Benny Moré offers a chance for visitors to experience some of the best Cuban singers and musicians

Benny More and his Big Band

Founded in 1980, orchestras and soloists from Cuba and other countries get together to sing and dance in homage to a legend of Cuban music, admired by Cubans not only for his talent as singer, composer and bandleader, but also for his warmth, unpretentiousness and a touch of eccentricity: Beny Moré.

The festival includes tours to Beny´s hometown, Santa Isabel de las Lajas, and to which he dedicated one of his most popular songs. Lectures and exhibitions also accompany the good music played by famous Cuban groups like Van Van, Paulo FG and Adalberto Álvarez y su Son, which turn Lajas and the nearby city of Cienfuegos into gigantic dancing floor.