The Jagua Tree

Jagua was the native name of the region of Cienfuegos, and it is a very abundant indigenous tree centuries ago, but now scarce due to excessive deforestation. A lot of ripe fruit caressed by a ray of moonlight, came Jagua, according to Aboriginal myth. In the shield of Cienfuegos, also incorporated in the central belt of our flag, depicted a Jaguar in production.

Jagua Tree

According to the traditions of the Indians of Jagua, this was the deity who taught the arts of fishing, hunting and agriculture, and its name, according to historian Don Pablo L. Rousseau meant for those, beginning, source, origin or wealth.

According to Aboriginal mythology, was the daughter of Jagua Maroya, Luna, and his union with Caunao, second son of Hamao and Guanaroca, all women were born, while the latter bred to all men. These men and women gave rise to the formation of the inhabitants of Jagua.

On the 190 anniversary of the founding of the former Spanish colony rush the construction of the "Bosque La Jagua" an equal number of plants in the People's Council Queen, near the Parque Jose Marti where there is an adult, among other things the rescue valor patrimonial, equity, embedded in cultural activities and scientific Cienfuegos.