Mal Tiempo Battle

The Battle of Mal Tiempo (Bad Weather), began with the march of the invading column of Maceo and Gomez to enter the territory of Cienfuegos. This battle ranks as one of the most important actions taken by insurgent forces in the invasion to the West during the war of independence against Spanish colonialism.

Mal Tiempo Battle, Map

In about three hours to complete the action of Mal Tiempo, with great success to Cuban arms. The action was defined by one of the most significant machete charges and heroic featuring Maceo's troops at the forefront, the center Gen. Maximo Gomez, Serafin Sanchez and followed up the rear, Brigadier Luis de Feria.

Mal Tiempo also served to dismantle the myth of the invulnerability of the Spanish table and demonstrate, once again, the irrevocable decision of Cubans to achieve at any price the independence of Cuba. The failure of the battle for the Spanish showed the negative influence of forced recruitment, manifesting in the lack of a common, mainly in the Canary number 42 Battalion.

Mal Tiempo Battle, Cuban Army Machete Charge

This fatal Spanish defeat provided to the Cuban Independence Army a large booty consists of 150 Mauser rifles, 60 Remington, 6 boxes of ammunition, horses of the officers and troops, mules, equipment, kit and the flag and the documentation file, which could identify the column shattered.

In that battle, the Liberation Army caused about 200 casualties on the Spanish army. Independence forces only reported four deaths and as many wounded. We tested the military strategy of Generalissimo accurate Gomez and the courage and combat readiness of their soldiers.

This bout marks the end of the first stage of the invasion, kicking off a new strategy and tactics of the separatists, in moral and political issues was highly significant, because in the national context and reaffirmed the decision real possibility towards the West . At the local level possible to consolidate the territory's independence movement, and was felt in the policy further harassment of the population by the Spanish Army.