El Nicho

El Nicho, a marvel of nature, dozens of waterfalls and natural ponds in an area virtually untouched, hidden among the mountains. It is located in the municipality Cumanayagua province of Cienfuegos. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful spots in Cuba.

El Nicho, Cumanayagua, Cienfuegos

It is through the Sierra del Escambray, 30 kilometers from Topes de Collantes, and only 2 miles from Lake Hanabanilla. Part of Wildlife Refuge Lagoon Guanaroca-Yaguanabo-El Nicho, located in the Park Guanayara, belonging to the massif Guamuhaya (also known as Sierra del Escambray) in the province of Cienfuegos, with an area of ??60 km ² meets in limits more than 65 species of endemic plants.

El Nicho, Cumanayagua, Cienfuegos

It is a paradise which combines the green of the vegetation, rivers, waterfalls and quaint rural towns. Ecotourism lovers frequently visit the area. Thanks to finish with rustic bridges improvised rails, visitors climb becomes less tortuous up to a belvedere green contemplate a world at his feet. Precisely in this place are The Black Creek waterfalls, where water plunges more than 30 meters and crashed into the rocks, forming clouds of foam that gives the environment a persistent fog.

Ponds in El Nicho

During a tour where you can see the landscape may be in direct contact with nature, observe the flora and fauna while enjoying swimming in the river at the end of the walk.

Diversity of ferns and orchids and other plants found in your path along the path between the well-preserved gallery forest, about 400 meters of the forest is the entrance to the cave where born El Calvo stream The Black whose main attractions are natural pocetas, the leap from poceta desparramaderas and glass.