Tomas Terry Theatre.

Tomas Terry Theatre in Cienfuegos. National Monument, located in the historic urban center, opposite the Parque Martí, corner of Avenue 56 and Calle 27, their type corresponds to the Coliseum at the Italian way, which is set in a horseshoe-shaped hall, where the public stands on four levels, but always in relation to front the show offered on stage.

Teatro Tomas Terry, Facade

Tomás Terry Theater, is one of the finest eclectic buildings of the city of Cienfuegos. Forming with Theater Sauto in Matanzas, and La Caridad in Santa Clara trilogy of nineteenth-century theaters builded in Cuba.

In 1863, Terry Thomas with his desire for a luxury theater, decorated with famous artists, with boxes, pit, several floors, offers the then governor Pezuela a donation of sixty thousand pesos, you should use 50 000 thousand in the construction thereof, and the remaining 10 000 would be for the school of poor children then hold the proceeds of the theater, but the project is carried out

Tomas Terry, Sculpture

Terry Thomas died in Paris and the following year, in 1886, their children come to Cienfuegos and Jose Emilio Terry Francisco for distribution to heirs bequeathed their fortune. At that time, fulfilling the promise of his father separated hundred thousand dollars to build a good theater. It was for this purpose a so-called civil society Succession Don Tomas Terry, in order to build and manage the theater. The initial capital amounted to $ 115 000 pesos (gold), of which more than half belonged to Teresa Gomez Dorticós Leys, widow of Terry and the rest was distributed among the rest of the family.

He took the work to competition and the jury made in France for the occasion, awarded the work to the military engineer Santiago Lino Sanchez Marmol, who appealed to a stylistic characteristic of the age when designing the location of the horseshoe-shaped boxes.

On December 19, 1887 the first stone was placed in a religious ceremony with a large audience. Lyceum Youth Madrid sent a cable of thanks to Emilio Terry Dorticos and other relatives. The construction work lasted until 1888.

The building that dominates the current neoclassical environment Marti Park was ready in November 1889, but its opening had to wait for the arrival from Paris of the heirs of Terry.

Teatro Tomas Terry, 1890

On the night of February 12, 1890, the orchestra teacher Palace rushing the first chords of the opera Martha, Aniceto Valdivia critic recited a few tenths dedicated to Cienfuegos and the poet Diego Vicente Tejera recited his poetry the hammock.

The brothers Terry received an album of local authorities as a testimony of gratitude from the city and read the minutes of opening the theater. Laureano Fuentes musician composed a symphonic ode specially for the occasion, which was performed masterfully.

Then the pianist José Manuel Jiménez (Lico) played a rhapsody of Liszt and other of his inspiration, and then the orchestra played two triumphal march, one's own and one Lico Rafael Jimenez Palau.

Teatro Tomas Terry, Postcard

Following is a dramatic proverb Isaac Carrillo, in charge of local fans, and she gave Anne Marble monologue Poor Maria Echegaray. The ceremony concluded with the choir of Cienfuegos who played the song with lyrics Gratitude Edo and music historian Enrique Palau teacher. Choir closed the show the Glories of Galicia who played the melody The sea.

Teatro Tomas Terry, Before 1900

In 2008 the collective of the institution received the distinction of National Vanguard and National Property Preservation Award.

Its elegant structure is complemented by a plaster ceiling and racks of paintings in the main hall, painted in oil in which it appears a central motif of 23 allegorical figures for the morning, laughing, crying, portraits of the poet Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, the musician Gaspar de Villate and other floral motifs, as part of a panel of great value from the pictorial point of view.

The typology used comes from the Italian theater, consisting of a horseshoe shaped room in which the public is located on 4 levels, always at the spectacle presented.

The area has a scene in the mouth 24 meters and 19 meters deep and is preceded by an opening richly worked in relief, predominantly gold, with an expressive mask which was placed in 1965 by sculptor Matthew Torriente, and represents the harp and music-related reason.

Teatro Tomas Terry nowadays

The scenery is complemented by two towers of crickets or proscenium boxes. The murals that adorn the walls and ceilings of the facility are due to the filipino artist - Madrid Selaya Camilo, who lives in Havana and was also author of the decoration of the Teatro La Caridad in Santa Clara.

The portico of the main facade is topped by Terry three mosaics of Venetian house of Salviati, allegorical to the muse of tragedy, comedy and music, and are one of the few examples in the country of the influence of art Byzantine.

In the middle of the lobby is a marble statue of Thomas Terry Adans, sitting with a natural look, as if resting, satisfied that his wish was fulfilled.

In Terry planks have acted:

  • Sarah Bernhardt from France
  • The Italian Enrico Caruso
  • Anna Pavlova from Russia
  • Jorge Negrete from Mexico
  • Spain's Joan Manuel Serrat
  • Antonio Gades from Spain
  • Alicia Alonso from Cuba
  • Ernesto Lecuona from Cuba
  • Rosita Fornes from Cuba
  • Silvio Rodriguez from Cuba
  • Luisa Martínez Casado from Cuba
  • Archimedes Pouns from Cuba